Designer Spotlight : SeaVees

what we do.

SeaVees is a journey through which to explore California’s vital role in creating the American spirit. From our studio in Santa Barbara, we are relentlessly in pursuit of the California dream. Each design is cultivated from the archives of sixties California culture. We insist on brand authenticity and product integrity in all we create, providing a contemporary reclamation of 1960s California style.

how we do it.

We’ve respectfully added modern amendments to vintage-inspired styling, making SeaVees unique yet so universal anyone can appreciate it. With a passion often lost in the demand to make things en masse, we’ve designed and crafted SeaVees to endure. Driven by a deep desire to create something time cannot erode, we truly can’t imagine doing anything else.

authentic values.

We admire all the attributes found in the mid-century amazingness of the Golden State… An infectious positive energy fueled by genuine curiosity. A youthful American spirit sustained with an overwhelming sense of optimism. An endless yearning for growth, clarity and depth. An unquenchable thirst for discovery. A profound respect for what has occurred before us and a sincerity to preserve and pass it on. We pair that with an honest effort to turn every fan of the brand into a loyal friend of SeaVees by striving for beyond-expectation customer service.

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